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Half a dozen tasty treats! Credit: CVI Crapcam

What: Aspirins

Where: Burgers and Beer, 72773 Dinah Shore Drive, Rancho Mirage; also located at 79815 Highway 111, No. 101, La Quinta

How much: $7

Contact: 760-202-4522 (Rancho Mirage); 760-775-6494 (La Quinta);

Why: They’re a delightful, unexpected find.

One expects a place called Burgers and Beer to offer a nice selection of, well, burgers and beer. One could also make an educated guess that a place that offers burgers and beer probably also offers a TV screen, or two, or 16, showing sports.

However, one may not expect a place called Burgers and Beer to offer a pretty darned decent menu of Mexican fare. Yet all of this can indeed be found at our valley’s two Burgers and Beer restaurants.

I’m particularly smitten with one Mexican-ish item on offer at Burgers and Beer: The Aspirins. No, this appetizer has nothing to do with the famous pain medication; instead, these Aspirins are miniature sopes (a thick corn-based cake; imagine a really thick tortilla) topped with beans, lettuce, tomato, sour cream and, joy of joys, chorizo; salsa is served on the side.

Boy, are they tasty. The mouth-feel is interesting as well: The chorizo, sopes and beans are warm, while the other ingredients are nice and cool. The corn cakes are fantastic and add a lot of flavor (although some may find them to be a little thick, and therefore on the verge of overtaking the rest of the ingredients). Seven bucks will get you six of these Aspirins; they’re perfect to share, or can be a semi-light meal for one.

They can be had at either of the Coachella Valley Burgers and Beer locations, as well as the four non-Coachella Valley locations (two in El Centro, and one each in Temecula and Yuma). Try ’em; you’ll like ’em—even if you’re watching your favorite sports team getting creamed.

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