I missed this one when it was in theaters. I wish I’d missed it on Blu-ray, too.

I used to watch the TV show regularly. There was a stretch when I enjoyed Jeremy Piven’s outbursts as super agent Ari Gold, and Kevin Dillon’s dumbass brother/wannabe actor character.

However, I never did like pretty boy Adrian Grenier as Vince, the “movie star” at the center of all the action. His agent Eric, played by suspiciously top-billed Kevin Connolly, never really engaged me, either, especially when he was whining about his girlfriend, Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

Of course, the movie adaptation of the TV show mostly deals with bullshit in the lives of Vince and Eric. Vince has put himself in the hot seat by going over-budget on his directorial debut. Sloane is pregnant, but doesn’t want to be with Eric, so he’s fucking anything that moves. Enthralling stuff. Really.

Ari shows up here and there as the studio head who green-lit Vince’s supposed masterpiece (yeah, right); meanwhile, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) has an almost-amusing bit as he tries to date Ronda Rousey. Dillon’s shtick stopped being funny halfway through the show’s run.

I stopped caring about these guys well before the show’s finale aired; judging by the lackluster performance of this one at the box office, I think most viewers feel the same way I do.

Special Features: There are deleted scenes, a gag reel and some tired behind-the-scenes stuff.