An image from I Am Chris Farley.

A bunch of Chris Farley’s friends and family members sit down for introspective interviews regarding the John Belushi heir apparent who died at the very same age—and in a very similar way—to his hero.

David Spade, Adam Sandler, Bob Saget, Mike Myers and others share stories about their blessedly crazy friend in this serviceable documentary from Brent Hodge and Derik Murray. A film like this is only as good as its interviews and archival footage—and there’s plenty here for Farley fans.

Of the interview subjects, Myers is the best. From impersonating Farley backstage looking for a place in the Sprockets skit, to admitting that he sometimes feared for his physical well-being in Farley’s presence, Myers was amazing; I could’ve watched a whole film with him talking about Farley.

There’s plenty of time spent with Spade, Farley’s Bud Abbott to his Lou Costello, his Dan Aykroyd to his Belushi. Spade reveals that the loss of his friend hits him everyday, and his stories offer the best look into the man behind the mayhem.

The film covers Farley’s biggest achievement, Tommy Boy (Bo Derek shows up!) and the infamous Matt Foley sketch. (“I live in a van down by the river!” Scroll down to see it.) I still say Farley’s best work was in Almost Heroes, his last big role. The bit where he kept eating the eagle eggs killed me.

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