Laurent Lucas and Lola Dueñas in Alleluia.

Gloria (Lola Dueñas) is one of the craziest characters to hit screens in years. Major applause goes to Dueñas, who steals the film Alleluia by encapsulating pure insanity as a quiet woman who reluctantly goes on an outing with an online date, Michel (Laurent Lucas).

The two have a one-night stand. Gloria, who we soon realize isn’t that quiet after all, wants more—even after finding out that she is just one of many conquests for Michel, who fancies himself a regular Don Juan who takes advantage of lonely women for their money.

Gloria wants in, so she poses as his sister in his schemes. Problem is, she has a little jealousy problem, and starts murdering the women Michel is attempting to defraud.

Director Fabrice Du Welz often makes the movie uncomfortable (this is not a complaint), and dots the film with occasional bizarre moments, such as when Gloria breaks into a heartfelt song before sawing off a victim’s leg.

The movie is “loosely based” on the lonely hearts killers, who killed women under similar circumstances in the late ’40s here in the good old U.S.A.

Dueñas and Lucas are one of the more diabolical screen pairs since Beatty and Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. Actually, they make those infamous robbers look like missionaries.

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