Rosamund Pike and David Tennant in What We Did on Our Holiday.

Rosamund Pike gets to be her British self in What We Did on Our Holiday, a slightly off-kilter family comedy.

She plays Abi, a mother of three who is married to messed-up Doug (David Tennant). They’re heading out with the children to visit Doug’s dying father, Gordie (Billy Connolly), on his birthday. Due to an affair Doug had, they are also on their way to a divorce.

Pike and Tennant are funny here, convincingly playing a couple that has just about had it. Connolly is excellent as the ornery grandfather who, despite being ill, sparks up when the grandkids are around.

As for the kids, they are the best reason to see the movie. Lottie (Emilia Jones), Mickey (Bobby Smalldridge) and Jess (Harriet Turnbull) have terrific, droll reactions to their parents’ childish behavior, and their solution to a problem on the beach is quite unorthodox. Turnbull is especially funny as the youngest. She talks to rocks and never misses a chance to be a little wiseass.

The script by directors Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin is predictable, but you’ll forgive that. The cast makes this movie very much worthwhile—and the kids nearly steal the show.

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