Pots with wide bases are a must, thanks to our windy weather.

The Coachella Valley is enjoying slightly cooler than normal days and nights so far this month. However, per usual, weather systems are coming through, bringing high winds—and many of our homes have wind tunnels, of course.

There are three things you can do to protect your pots from being tipped by our at-times crazy winds.

1. A pot with a wide base, as shown above, is your best solution to pots blowing over in our high winds. Vase-shaped pots will be safest in protected patio corners or near a protected front door.

2. Only plant tall plants in well-seated pots—in other words, pots described above. They’re your best solution for any trees, tall shrubs or grasses. Thick canopies of these plants, such as the tall pampas grass shown below, will act as a sail in a strong wind, so they are best suited in grounded pots.

3. If high winds are predicted, water your pots well. The water weight will give your pot much more ballast when challenged by windy conditions.

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