Michael Douglas in Beyond the Reach.

A mean rich guy (Michael Douglas) pays a young, innocent guide (Jeremy Irvine) to take him hunting for big-horn sheep in the Mojave Desert in Beyond the Reach. Once they get out there, rich guy gets an itchy trigger finger and actually shoots an old guy who just happens to live out in the middle of nowhere.

Then, the rich guy gets even meaner. Also, the movie gets dumber and dumber.

Douglas is usually fun to watch, even when he is in a bad movie. Well, this one is really bad. When his evil rich guy gets the idea to have the guide take off his clothes and wander around the desert until he dies, it makes absolutely no sense. The rich guy wants to eliminate the evidence that he committed a murder by making the guide die of exposure—but then he just tries to shoot him anyway. Huh?

It all leads up to one of the dumbest, most implausible finales you will see in a movie this year. Douglas is interesting as always, but Irvine is a major drag.

If you want to see Michael Douglas in crazy mode, watch Falling Down. Stay away from this one.

Beyond the Reach is available on demand and via online sources including iTunes and Amazon.com.