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A new from the Do LaB stage on the final day of Coachella. Credit: Brian Blueskye

For 11 years now, the Do LaB has been part of Coachella.

It’s a festival within the festival that provides a smaller—and, some would say, more fun—Coachella experience. A lot of big names have played on the Do LaB stage, and the area has continued to grow.

“Eleven years ago, the Do LaB was given the opportunity to build a dome on the fields of Coachella,” said Russell Ward, a spokesman for the Do LaB. “From there, they sort of snuck sound into it. It was initially just supposed to be a dome to cool out in a shaded structure. They ended up having a party in there, and it went really well. Goldenvoice had found out about it, and they talked to them afterward and said, ‘Hey, we heard you had a party in the middle of ours. What if we gave you more money, and you did it bigger?’ They got a slightly bigger fee, and it’s always bigger each year.”

It was indeed bigger in 2015.

“This is our biggest structure to date,” Ward said. “It’s already seeming small with the size of the crowd out there.”

While I was waiting for Ward, I talked to a couple of producers for the Do LaB who mentioned some big names who were supposed to show up and play the Do LaB stage. While the Do LaB producers announce a lineup in advance, they always leave room for surprise guests.

“There have been some huge names and some really close friends of Do LaB, so it’s really about everyone together,” he said. “There have been so many great sets. It’s hard to pull out one set as a favorite, because they all have different sweetnesses. They all hold some special place.”

Ward explained the Do LaB’s 2015 concept.

“This structure is called Big Fish, and initially, it’s supposed to be inspired by a dead whale carcass. Essentially, Josh Fleming, the designer, is always looking for inspiration in crazy places, and this is a deep paradox to find beauty and the meaning of life, even in death. So you get to look really deep into where you can find beauty and art.”

Every year, the Do LaB includes a performance by the Lucent Dossier Experience, a cirque-style show set to music.

“Lucent Dossier is led by Dream Rockwell, who is one of the initial founders of Do LaB. She was involved from the very beginning and started Lucent Dossier,” Ward said. “All of the festivals where the Do LaB is, Lucent Dossier Experience plays. It’s born from the same creative soul and is two separate creative expressions.”

As for the future of Do LaB at Coachella, expect it to continue.

“The sky is the limit. Every year, it continues to evolve and grow. We’re really excited about the opportunity they see in us, and it’s an honor to play out here. Coachella is one of the world’s greatest stages, and it’s a big honor to play this role and watch it grow.”

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Brian Blueskye

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Brian Blueskye moved to the Coachella Valley in 2005. He was the assistant editor and staff writer for the Coachella Valley Independent from 2013 to 2019. He is currently the...