Our theme this month is watching our garden pots change through the seasons.

Planting with annuals allows us to creatively plan combinations each new season. In other words, we should never get bored with our potted gardens. Each attempt, however well-thought-out, may even surprise us as the garden grows. With perennial and annual combinations, we have the constant of a maturing long-lasting plant, along with the pop and color of annuals.

In this first picture above, we can see a boring tree trunk which marks the walkway to a main entrance of an office.

These next three photos show unique winter combinations with varying color themes. Notice how each one creates a different mood or attitude. Think how differently you might react to these plantings as you approach the potted collection. One offers bold, vibrant primary colors. Another shows off soft, pink hues which can bring calm. The third returns to a boldness, but goes away from our primary colors and turns to burgundy, which allows the yellows of the pansies and variegated wallflower to pop out.

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