They're pretty—but fake! Credit:

Tomorow is April Fool’s day. I hate having pranks played on me; here are some to look out for—or, perhaps play on someone (just not me!), if you’re a prankster yourself:

  • Visiting a neighbor’s home? Be sure to throw something into the entryway to make sure the sprinkler is not set up to turn on when it detects motion.
  • Watch out for stray “For Sale” signs in your front yard!
  • If anyone brings you a caramel apple, cut into it before sinking in your teeth—because it’s an April Fool’s trick to substitute an onion.
  • Watch out for fake flower tricksters! Before you fawn over a friend’s garden, or look in amazement over gorgeous flowers that have suddenly appeared in your garden, remember what day it is!

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