Nathan Phillips and Angourie Rice in These Final Hours.

In These Final Hours, writer-director Zak Hilditch has made a movie reminiscent of 1988’s Miracle Mile, that weird indie film that had Anthony Edwards racing to find Mare Winningham before the planet went kablooey in a nuclear holocaust.

Hilditch set his film in Australia, where that part of the globe awaits a wall of fire resulting from some sort of asteroid strike. (The true cause is never fully explained.) James (Nathan Phillips), with his wife’s permission, makes the decision to leave her and join his mistress at an apocalypse party.

On the way to the mayhem, he rescues Rose, a young girl (Angourie Rice), from a fate worse than death, and begins to attain a sense of responsibility and compassion in the last hours of his life. Phillips puts forth a strong, frantic performance, while Rice provides a nice, serene balance. The party itself is madness personified.

Some of the film drags a bit, but it’s quite good for most of its run. I especially liked the ending, which wraps things up nicely.

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