Mototony is no fun! Therefore, lose the monotony of a boring home entryway with some personal touches—and, of course, some lovely potted plants.

We all want our homes to be unique. Well, many desert community homes have similar layouts and landscapes. So, shout-out a welcome to your guests—and keep that welcome fresh as you change it with the seasons.

Shown here are before (above) and after (below) pictures of the front of one desert home. This area is challenged by full sun, rabbits and other creatures; the plants chosen for these three pots show how you can create living beauty that is critter-resistant and water-thrifty. The plantings here include purple summer snaps, orange coreopsis, purple verbena and brocade artemisia.

What a difference several pots can make!

Marylee Pangman is the founder and former owner of The Contained Gardener in Tucson, Ariz. She has become known as the desert’s potted garden expert. She is available for digital consultations, and you can email her with comments and questions at Follow the Potted Desert at