The Boxtrolls, nominated for a Best Animated Feature Film Oscar, is another weird film from the studio that also made Coraline and ParaNorman.

As far as appearances go, this is the best film in this Oscar category, which also includes Big Hero 6 and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Most of the work is traditional stop-motion animation, with some fine digital animation included as well.

The story follows a young boy named Eggs (the voice of Isaac Hempstead Wright), who is being raised by strange creatures who live below the streets of London. The creatures wear boxes for clothing, and Eggs gets his name because, quite simply, his box says “Eggs” on it.

An evil exterminator looking for a higher station in society (Ben Kingsley) contracts to kill all of the boxtrolls, putting Eggs and his buddies in danger.

The voice cast also features Elle Fanning, Jared Harris, Nick Frost and a barely recognizable Tracy Morgan.

The story doesn’t hold up as well as that of Big Hero 6, but The Boxtrolls is still a lot of fun—and it scores points for being extra-twisted.

Special Features: The disc is packed with behind the scenes featurettes and commentaries.