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Good dog! Credit: CVI Crapcam

What: The Chili Dog

Where: Teriyaki Yogi, 1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive, No. 210

How much: $5.19

Contact: 760-323-1162

Why: Simply put, it’s a damn good chili dog.

A friend recently mentioned that he’d just eaten one of the best chili dogs he’d ever had.

“Where did you get this amazing chili dog?” I asked.

His reply: Teriyaki Yogi.

Wait, what? This chili dog could be found at a hole-in-the-wall teriyaki joint?! More specifically, it could be found at a hole-in-the-wall teriyaki joint I had literally driven by hundreds of times, without ever giving it a second thought?

Yes. That’s the one. So of course I had to stop in and try a chili dog. And you know what? Teriyaki Yogi’s chili dog is fantastic.

I arrived just as the lunch rush was hitting, so I had to wait a good 10 minutes or so to get my dog. It was worth the wait: The charbroiled, all-beef frank was tucked inside a perfect bun—soft, yet sturdy enough to contain all of the goodness that’s placed inside. As for that goodness, it consisted of cheese, a nice chili and optional onions. There’s no complexity here—there are just great ingredients, prepared well and placed together in perfect proportion.

How’s the teriyaki at Teriyaki Yogi, you ask? Well, I have no idea—but I’ll learn soon, as I was impressed at how the meat was chopped fresh for every cup, bowl, salad and skewer that was prepared during my wait. So I’ll be returning for a teriyaki bowl, for sure—that is, unless I try one of Teriyaki Yogi’s tasty-looking Philly cheesesteaks instead.

Philly cheesesteaks at a hole-in-the-wall teriyaki joint? Wait, what?

Jimmy Boegle is the founding editor and publisher of the Coachella Valley Independent. He is also the executive editor and publisher of the Reno News & Review in Reno, Nev. A native of Reno, the Dodgers...