The planned route for Christina and Marcus.

I’m embarking on a trip. Not just any trip—but rather a cross-country-and-back trip on bikes.

In fact, if everything went according to plan, I already left, departing from Bakersfield on July 3.

Writer and lighting genius Marcus Peck, from San Jose, Calif., did not know me—a freelance writer/photographer/Lindy hopper—before mid-March 2014. We met working an AV gig at a teacher’s conference in Palm Springs; we quickly discovered that we both have an interest in cycling.

Marcus mentioned something about a long-term bike-ride for charity at a post-work pub-session. I, without hesitating, said, “I’m coming.”

We have been organizing this trip ever since from our respective home cities (he in San Jose, and me in La Quinta). We met again on July 2, and set off into the wind on the 3rd. Marcus has solemnly promised to learn how to Lindy hop and even mentioned something about possible street performances along the way. We also have ukuleles with us!

After leaving Bakersfield, we will head first morth to Missoula, Mont.; east to Boston; south to Washington, D.C.; and back west, probably via Florida, Texas and Utah. We expect the journey to last six to eight months.

We are partnering with three charities: Amman Imman: Water Is Life; Together We Rise; and the Filipino Youth Coalition. We each have a fundraising page. Half of the donations go toward the bike ride, and the other half will go to the charities.

As a writer/photographer team, we have a strong background in telling stories, visually and with finesse in language. (Well, Marcus uses finesse in language; I do photos.)

We are in this to travel slowly, to witness each mile as it goes by, to push ourselves and simply see the land.  

Follow us at; we will post updates as often as possible. You can also donate there.