Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner in Draft Day.

In a film that feels more like a TV series than a theatrical release, Kevin Costner plays Sonny, general manager of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. It’s draft day, and Sonny has some big decisions to make after he trades for the No. 1 pick, much to the dismay of his head coach (Denis Leary). This is all happening after finding out he’s having a baby with a member of his staff (Jennifer Garner), and shortly after the death of his dad.

If there’s a big problem here, it is that we watch Sonny go through all of this stuff on draft day, and never get to see the fruits of his labors. The film ends after the draft day is finished; we never even get to see the team play.

Still, Costner is good in the role, and director Ivan Reitman—who usually directs straight comedies such as Ghostbusters—has constructed something that is entertaining, while not altogether groundbreaking.

Draft Day is playing at theaters across the valley.