Drummers do not often steal the show—but that just may happen on Friday, March 28, at Schmidy’s Tavern.

Dave Lombardo, the drummer for Slayer and Fantomas, is coming to town with his new band, PHILM, which also includes War’s Pancho Tomaselli, and Civil Defiance’s Gerry Nestler. Ipecac Recordings released PHILM’s album, Harmonic, in 2012.

Joining the lineup is legendary homegrown drummer Alfredo Hernandez, and his band Whiskey and Knives, which also includes vocalist Jason Basely, bassist Mike Smith and guitarist Jon Arnold. The group plays punk and stoner rock—unabashedly and enthusiastically.

This will be the second time that Whiskey and Knives shares the stage with PHILM, Hernandez said.

“We had a show together during the NAMM show out in Anaheim,” he said via email. “Dave Lombardo’s new band kicks ass! A power trio. Dave reminds me of Gene Krupa meets Cozy Powell. … It’s a ginormous honor to be opening up for them.

PHILM’s music is loud, but not Slayer loud—hard and heavy, with an aggressive attitude, although the music also includes sounds reminiscent of ’60s and’70s rock. Lombardo has downsized with this band: They’re a trio, and Lombardo only uses a four-piece drum set, as opposed to the nine-piece that he had in Slayer. PHILM has been around since the mid-’90s, but didn’t play much until recently due to Lombardo’s commitments to Slayer, Fantomas and Testament.

Beyond the drumming, though, Whiskey and Knives’ Hernandez will be pulling double-duty: He will be hitting the decks as DJ Habanero.

“The mix for DJ Habanero is music that you hardly ever hear,” Hernandez said. “I have an array of bands that you might recognize and stuff that you will finally discover, just like I did.

“I was a big KCRW listener since ’88-89 with the Morning Becomes Eclectic,” he said about the legendary So Cal NPR affiliate. “… Before that, I got some of the best schooling from one of the greatest DJs on earth, Rodney Bingenheimer, on KROQ. My older brother Mario … in the late ’70s bought an FM antenna to place on the roof so that we could catch Rodney’s show every Saturday night.”

Yes, it’ll definitely be drummers’ night at Schmidy’s.

PHILM will perform with Whiskey and Knives and DJ Habanero at 8 p.m., Friday, March 28, at Schmidy’s Tavern, 72286 Highway 111, in Palm Desert. Tickets at the door are $10. For more information, call 760-837-3800, or visit