I can honestly say I’ve never seen a movie like Old Goats before. Three elderly men (Bob Burkholder, Britton Crosley and David Vander Wal) play versions of themselves in Taylor Guterson’s honest and funny look at getting older. The film was released today, Tuesday, Jan. 21, on DVD.

Britt lives on his little boat and embarks on Internet dating. Bob is writing a book of his memoirs, called Skirting the Edge (a book Burkholder actually wrote), while leading the local Oatmeal Club and juggling girlfriends. David is a rich man gently forced into retirement by his former company.

The three cope with aging by being generally cranky and funny. Guterson captures some genuinely funny and heartwarming moments. I thought the movie was a documentary when it started, but I slowly began to realize it was mostly fiction.

I doubt these three guys will become movie stars—but they certainly are movie stars for the duration of this endearing film. It’s worth seeing.