Marilyn Manson in Wrong Cops.

Writer-director Quentin Dupieux makes some very weird movies. His film Rubber, about a killer tire that makes people explode, is as absurd as moviemaking gets. And now comes Wrong Cops, about some sloppy and unorthodox cops—and it is damn strange in its own right.

Mark Burnham plays Duke, a dirty cop who sells weed stuffed into dead rats. He picks up street children (one played by an unrecognizable Marilyn Manson) and makes them very uncomfortable. He shoots people and sticks their dying bodies in the trunk while they beg for music. (Yes: They beg for music to give them something to focus on during their last, dying breaths.)

The film has no real plot; it’s just a setup for strange behavior. I found myself laughing a lot, especially when Eric Wareheim’s perverted cop was onscreen. Wareheim, from Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job!, is no stranger to the bizarre; he’s right at home in Dupieux’s universe. His character is a bad cop who takes women’s phone numbers, has them meet him in parking lots, and requests that they show their breasts—at gunpoint.

The supporting cast includes Grace Zabriskie and Ray Wise (both of Twin Peaks). Steve Little of Eastbound and Down gets a bigger part as another cop who finds a bunch of money, but loses it in a rather extreme extortion scheme.

This isn’t for everybody; proceed with caution. I enjoy random, WTF humor, and this one brings it in spades. If you liked Rubber, chances are you are going to like this one, too.

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