Laura Caro in Here Comes the Devil.

A brother and sister go up a rocky hill to explore a cave while their parents do some nasty things in the car. The kids go missing, and the parents panic—until their children reappear. But … these aren’t the children that went up the hill, are they?


Writer-director Adrián Garcia Bogliano delivers some decent creeps with this stylish mixture of sexual terror and devil-speak. The kids are genuinely spooky, while the parents (Francisco Barreiro and Laura Caro) do a great job of acting completely confused and messed up.

Bogliano draws some interesting parallels between strange sexual proclivities and indiscretions with Satan. Is Satan really messing with these folks, or are we seeing crazy people behaving badly? Either way, it’s a genuinely scary time, and Bogliano is a horror force to be reckoned with.

Here Comes the Devil is now available at online sources including iTunes and