Rest in peace, Paul Walker. I didn’t like a lot of your movies, but you were pretty damned good in many of them, including these silly fast-car movies. I really liked you in Eight Below, Pleasantville and especially Joy Ride.

The first film in the Fast and Furious franchise was a blast, but it now feels like a million years ago. This franchise could’ve ended with that first film, and that would’ve been fine by me.

Vin Diesel mumbles his way through another installment—although I must admit that Fast and Furious 6 features some fine driving stunts. The plot involves nonsense about Vin and his crew (including Walker) going after some bad-guy driver who is threatening the world. He also has Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) working for him, even though she was blown up in a previous movie. Actually, I’m OK that she inexplicably survived: Rodriguez is one of the franchise’s better elements.

Dwayne Johnson is in there, too, as a bad-ass lawman, and future installments will also involve him, another one of my least-favorite action stars, if the post-credit footage is any indicator. I like to watch good pyrotechnics, yes, but I hate it when just about anybody in these films opens their mouths.

The next installment, which was due for release next year, has had its production halted in the wake of Walker’s death, and is now not expected to hit theaters until 2015. I don’t like these movies, but I am hoping they are able to salvage some of Walker’s final footage and give him a worthy goodbye in the next one. He deserves it.

Special Features: Director Justin Lin does a commentary, and you get some deleted scenes and various behind-the-scenes shorts.