A jewelry flower, by Michael Kneebone.

Jewelry is often referred to as “wearable art”—and Michael Kneebone creates incredible wearable art via Michael K Jewels.

His one-of-a-kind pieces go far beyond the ordinary thanks to Michael’s keen eye, steady hand and vision for style and quality that has served him well for decades, ever since he studied at Northern Illinois University and earned a degree in jewelry design.

Early on, an instructor recognized his talent and recommended him for an apprenticeship position, where he honed in his skills in casting and refined fabrication. He even mastered the almost-lost art of enameling. Today, only a handful of jewelry artisans are true specialists in the enameling process.

When you meet Michael, you immediately sense his dedication and demand for quality. His jewelry is always one-of-a-kind; his clients know that each piece is unique and personal. Nothing is ever duplicated.

Early in his career, his line was represented exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue, before he opened his own store in Naples, Fla.

For a glimpse of some of his designs, visit MichaelKJewels.com, or visit his charming store, aka the Canyon Road Collection, located at 73200 El Paseo, Suite 2C, in Palm Desert.

Michael’s works often show off colored stones of impeccable quality. He uses cabochon cuts and bright-colored sapphires from sources around the world. Kneebone’s knowledge and expertise allows him to select the most vivid colored stones. They are as bright as they come, and include exotic varieties such as spinel, which is almost as hard as a diamond. Spinel is mined in a variety of colors from pinks to reds to black. His sapphires are available in the traditional blues, as well as rarer black, green, orange, yellow and even silver. He uses green amethysts and tourmaline stones that range from pink to bright greens and blues. He carries the best pearls in shapes and sizes that boggle the mind. Yes, he uses diamonds, too, in every shape and color.

Michael and his partner, interior designer Herbert Smalley, came to the desert after finding the winters to be too cold in Santa Fe, N.M., where his jewelry store was one of the most beautiful on the famous Canyon Road. Herb, who has been featured in Architectural Digest for his design work in New York City and Naples, created the space for the jewelry stores and has been a promoter of and an advocate for Michael’s work during the 32 years they have been together.

Today, they have been in the desert for more than a decade and have established themselves in the community. Kneebone has been a jeweler for the Cuistot’s Friday fashion luncheons for many years now, as well as the fashion luncheons at Wally’s Desert Turtle.

Become acquainted with the Canyon Road Collection and Michael K Jewels, whether you are a resident or a visitor. You will be amazed at the colorful, tasteful designs that have adorned so many of the well-heeled women. Even if you can’t afford the jewelry, it’s worth looking at for its artistic beauty.

Michael K. Jewels/Canyon Road Collection is located at 73200 El Paseo, Suite 2C, in Palm Desert. In-season hours (October to May) are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, or by appointment. For more information, call 760-880-4791, or visit www.michaelkjewels.com.