The latest film from director Guillermo del Toro is a bit dopey and soapy in spots, but it definitely delivers the thrills when big robots clash with big monsters.

In the near future, huge beasts have started coming out of the ocean, making it hard to get a morning latte at the corner shop. The world comes up with a giant robot plan that works for a while—but then multiple monsters start attacking. Things start going wrong, and bad dialogue ensues.

Yes, the script is a bit weak, but the action is stellar—and one of the scenes, in which a woman recalls a monster attack from her youth, is one of the year’s best individual sequences.

The film tanked domestically, but did OK internationally—raising hopes that more robot/monster action could follow. Del Toro has confirmed that work has begun on a part two, but the project hasn’t been officially given a go-ahead, so don’t hold your breath.

Special Features: This one is LOADED. There’s a commentary from del Toro (his commentaries are among the best), and a large variety of behind-the-scenes shorts. You also get deleted scenes, a director’s notebook, art galleries and even a blooper reel.