The direct-to-video Curse of Chucky doesn’t quite get it right.

The plot involves a Chucky doll being sent to the home of Nica (Fiona Dourif, the daughter of Chucky’s voice provider, Brad Dourif). Nica, confined to a wheelchair, becomes suspicious of the newly arrived doll when her mom and visiting family mysteriously die. Eventually, Chucky happily reveals he’s behind the bloodshed.

This is mostly stupid, generic horror-movie crap. The doll looks pretty good, though, and Dourif delivers some fun vocal work. However, the best part of the movie comes after the credits and involves a quick cameo from a familiar Chucky-franchise face. It’s too little, too late.

Special Features: A commentary with the director and stars, gag reels and multiple documentaries make this a good features package. You can also get the movie as part of the new Blu-ray package Chucky: The Complete Collection, which includes all of the Chucky films.