Hey, it’s fall, so that means it’s time for yet another Blu-ray packaging of the John Carpenter classic Halloween.

This umpteenth package commemorates the film’s 35th anniversary (a fact which will surely make a lot of us feel very old). After 3 1/2 decades, Michael Myers is still quintessential slasher villain. Yes, he’s had to endure some terrible sequels and some semi-crappy Rob Zombie remakes, but a viewing of the film that started it all shows that he was, and still is, cinema’s best psycho creeper.

The film has aged well … for the most part. Oh, sure, P.J. Soles saying “Totally!” way too much grates on the nerves, and some of Jamie Lee Curtis’ dialogue sputters. (I always hated her line: “Well, kiddo … I thought you outgrew superstition.”) Still, Carpenter nailed the scares in this one. The shot in which Curtis’ Laurie Strode is sitting in the hallway when that white mask slowly emerges from the dark doorway is brilliant.

It’s fun to watch Donald Pleasance, thinking he was involved in a true piece of garbage, going nuts as the obsessive Dr. Loomis. And next to Psycho, nobody ever came up with a better horror-movie theme. (That theme was also penned by Carpenter.)

A year ago, there was a report that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company would be taking over the franchise—and that was the most-recent news regarding further Michael Myers movies. Honestly, I’d rather watch a bad Halloween movie than another Insidious.

Special Features: If you don’t have one of the prior editions, this is a good one to pick up. There’s an all-new commentary with Carpenter and Curtis that is a real treat. You also get a rather long documentary about Jamie Lee attending a horror convention, as well as footage from the TV-movie version.