1. Jet spray: Spray all of your potted plants, including flowers, shrubs, cacti and succulents—i.e., everything—every day if you are able. This will increase air circulation, and deter pests and disease, such as spider mites, powdery mildew, aphids, etc.

Do this in the early morning while drinking your tea or coffee. As long as your plants are well-established, i.e., they have been growing all summer in their pots, do not be afraid of using the jet setting on your hose. Stand about 3 feet from the plants.

2. Potted cactus/succulents: Depending on your home’s rain quantity, you may want to water your potted cacti this month. The best plan is to test the soil and see if it is damp. If it is, wait until it dries out before watering. If it is dry, go ahead and give it a soaking.

When you do water, give it a half-strength dose of the same water-soluble fertilizer you use on your other potted plants.

3. Roses: Keep up your watering schedule. Roses in pots need daily water; never let them dry out, or the soil will become hard to re-hydrate. Check your irrigation system often.

This Week in Your Desert Potted Garden

  • Deadhead your flowers this week.
  • Be sure to cut them back to the main stem when removing spent flowers.
  • Prune any leggy plants to create new growth—and a well-shaped plant.
  • Feed your potted plants a water-soluble fertilizer. Follow the directions on the label. I prefer using a hose applicator to give a thorough feeding.

Marylee Pangman is the Desert’s Potted Garden Expert. Marylee is available for digital consultations, and you can always email her with comments and questions at potteddesert@gmail.com. Follow The Potted Desert on Facebook. Below: Don’t be afraid to spray your plants.