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People are often amused (or bemused) by Jeremiah Saint’s “goth” appearance. However, Jeremiah Saint is even more amused by those people’s reactions to his appearance.

He’s playing at The Hood on Thursday, Aug. 15, as a member of DieSineGration, a band which is playing its final show that night. Saint’s newly formed solo project, DECAYEDen, will open for DieSineGration. They will be followed by metal-band Sinister X.

The 32-year-old Palm Desert resident refers to himself as a “band whore.” He’s been a part of several local groups, including Phase Theory, Regenerator (as a touring member) and DieSineGration. He has also worked as a producer and sound engineer, and has even written a book that can be found on In other words, he’s a workaholic who stays busy.

As for his new project DECAYEDen, he explained that he got the idea from a personal hardship.

“It’s been in the back of my mind for five years: I was going to be a father, and the child passed away in the womb,” said Saint. “I took the first name of what I was going to name my son, which was Decayeden. I took that, and I wrote it into an industrial, dark-wave format.”

He recently self-released a new album, Dead Angels and Forgotten Ghosts.

“It’s really hard to classify,” said Saint. “Almost every song on the album can be classified as a different genre. To keep it simple, I call it ‘electronic, experimental dark-rock.’ The project (includes) a lot of how I see myself, how I see society, how I see the government, and the relationships and friendships that I have been through.”

Despite Saint’s goth-like image, he hates the term and refutes the stereotypes that are given to people with similar appearances.

“I don’t view myself as goth,” Saint said. “I’m a dude who wears makeup, who doesn’t always wear black, and who has a dark life, but I almost view it as an insult. I’m not emo; I’m not into Twilight; and I don’t worship Satan. I’m an atheist, and I’m a vegan. As a kid, I was always obsessed with the study of dark arts, magic, Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. It’s stereotypical, but it’s enthralled me and inspired me. For me, it’s just my artistic being.”

Does pain make great art? Saint would have to say yes.

“Pain makes beautiful art,” said Saint. “It makes some of the most beautiful art we’ve ever seen. It’s void of multimedia facets trying to sell it and without the sham of ‘everything is going to be all right.’ A lot of people skip over that.”

As a local musician, Saint noted the many changes that have occurred over the years in the local music scene.

“I just see it different now. Everything has changed so much,” said Saint. “I remember sneaking into the local clubs here, going to Peabody’s to see local bands, or being in one those local bands. It was so much different. Everybody wanted to be there to see the shows. People wanted to play, and no one cared back then about getting paid: It was just about the shows.”

On the subject of being both the opening act (as DECAYEDen) and playing as keyboardist in DieSineGration’s last show, Saint said the pairing simply made sense.

“We were looking at the lineup, and I figured since I had my sequences ready that I could do a DECAYEDen show,” said Saint. “I can open that up and then play in DieSineGration, and I figured, ‘Why the hell not?’ I’m looking forward to it: Put on one more amazing show with DieSineGration, and maybe get some new people to hear DECAYEDen.”

DieSineGration, DECAYEDen and Sinister X will play on Thursday, Aug. 15, at The Hood Bar and Pizza, 74360 Highway 111, in Palm Desert. Doors open for the 21-and-over show at 9 p.m. Admission is free. Call 760-636-5220, or track down the event’s Facebook page for more information.

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