Sharni Vinson in You're Next.

You’re Next is a little bit better than The Purge, the summer’s other home-invasion horror film … but only a little.

A rich family gathers for a feast at their vacation home in the countryside, only to have unseen visitors start picking them off with a crossbow. Those unseen visitors eventually show themselves as dudes wearing various white animal masks; they are a little on the creepy side.

Overall, this film feels like it’s covering standard, worn-out territory, although it is made sporadically tolerable thanks to director Adam Wingard’s ability to offer the occasional unique scare. A seasoned mystery/horror watcher will see the big twists coming a mile away.

Still, Sharni Vinson is pretty kick-ass as the girlfriend with a surprise ability to survive; the movie is a showcase for her talents.

As 2013 horror films go, this one isn’t nearly as fun as The Conjuring, but it’s markedly better than the snore-fest that was The Purge.

Apparently, it sat on the shelf for a long time. It wouldn’t have been a big deal had it just stayed there, or gone straight to video.

You’re Next is playing at theaters across the valley.