Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum in White House Down.

Director Roland Emmerich has made fun trash before (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012). He’s a modern-day Irwin Allen, and I often get a kick out of his silly disaster movies.

But White House Down, starring Channing Tatum as a lawman who happens to be touring the White House when terrorists take over, is a complete bust. It’s too stupid to be fun, and it doesn’t offer enough cool special effects to offset the moronic storytelling. (The Capitol getting destroyed is the only memorable moment of carnage.)

Jamie Foxx plays the president as sort of an Obama clone; he’s taken hostage in a homeland-terrorist scheme that is beyond impossible. Throw in a precocious daughter (Joey King) and James Woods doing his James Woods routine, and you have a movie full to the brim with useless clichés.

Tatum, so much fun in 21 Jump Street, is left stranded in a movie that couldn’t be dumber if it tried. Emmerich has given us one of the summer’s biggest bombs.

White House Down is playing at theaters across the valley.