"Calculations" by Christina De Musee.

For some 200 years, artists have been attracted to the Coachella Valley. The reasons for that attraction have changed over the years, of course; today, many artists come here to create and exhibit their works due to the proximity to Los Angeles, and the valley’s comfortable lifestyle.

One artist who has come here, in part, for those reasons is Christina De Musée. She has a rich body of work spanning more than 30 years as a professional artist, including countless exhibitions throughout the country around the globe—including shows in Japan, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada. Her works have been featured in numerous publications, too.

Her style is bold, colorful, bright and larger than life. Her powerful, seductive images tend to capture one’s attention from the moment you lay eyes on them. Large triptychs can overwhelm, but hers somehow easily merge with any location. They have been a favorite with galleries and collectors alike. Her works have also appeared on sets for Hollywood productions.

De Musée is always in motion between her homes in Palm Desert, Las Vegas and Marina del Rey. However, she’s put an emphasis on doing good things locally. She has been involved in the past with the McCallum Theatre’s Muses and Patroness Circle; a sale of her paintings in 2010 benefited the nonprofit theater.

I could go on and on about her past accomplishments, but instead, I want to focus on the future: What is next for Christina De Musée?

The answer: She’s currently working on what she calls “Photo Art,” featuring works are meant to be displayed online. The works are excitingly fresh and hip, and should appeal to art and photography connoisseurs. One of these works, which you can see above, is titled “Calculations.”

Below, you can see two works in the classic De Musée style. One is the large mural-like triptych “I Forgot My Cell Phone,” featuring large images of faces, wild animals and flora. The other is “Infused Pleasure,” demonstrative of the sensual essence of her paintings.

De Musée is an ever-evolving woman who is familiar with the art industry. I am certain her new “Photo Art” series will be a successful venture, and will appeal to a huge audience in the cyber world of online art. The demand for art being viewed and purchased over the Internet has escalated on a global level. For example, China can’t keep up, with new art sites selling to the emerging middle class who want to be rewarded with collections of their own.

Stay tuned for Christina De Musée’s new website, which promises to showcase the exciting new direction for this savvy artist. In the meantime, her current website can be found at www.artdemusee.com.

Richard Almada is the CEO and president of Artistic Relations and heads up Desert Art Tours. He can be reached at ArtisticRelations@gmail.com.