Like Schwarzenegger did in The Last Stand, Sylvester Stallone gives his all in service to Bullet to the Head and its undistinguished script.

The results? Neither this nor Arnie’s offering is worth your time. Not surprisingly, both of these lame films flopped at the box office.

Director Walter Hill (48 Hrs.) makes action/buddy films that all tend to feel the same. Unfortunately, this one has more in common with his Another 48 Hrs., in which the formula had already gotten tired.

Stallone plays a tattooed thug named James Bonomo; his buddy is South Korean Taylor Kwon (played by Sung Kang), which leads to more than a few uncomfortable race jokes. The plot involves the usual crap: a double cross, a partner getting killed, somebody getting kidnapped, ax fights, etc.

Stallone looks great and delivers his stupid lines with much aplomb. Kang is just there for the ride, offering little in a role once meant for Thomas Jane.

I will say that this film features the best Christian Slater scene is a long while. Remember when Slater being in a movie used to mean something? I miss that guy.

Unfortunately, one great Slater scene and impressive Stallone tattoos do not a good movie make.

Special Features: One short promo featurette … and that is all. Even though the movie is dull, a Stallone commentary would’ve been cool.