When watching Lord of the Flies—the 1963 Peter Brook adaptation of William Golding’s classic book about British school kids going savage after being marooned on an island—you have to be a bit forgiving.

Brooks shot the film for $150,000 and had all sorts of audio problems. Virtually none of the audio shot on-set was used; most of what appears in the film needed to be looped in afterward. The production took a long time, so the young actors grew into puberty during filming, and their voices changed. Ralph (James Aubrey) has about four different voices throughout the film.

Despite this movie’s shortcomings, I love it. Hugh Edwards as Piggy has to be one of the all-time-best castings of an iconic literary character. He is Piggy … it’s a perfect choice.

This book and the movie were required reading and viewing when I was a kid. I think it resulted in a few less bespectacled kids getting slapped around in the hallway.

Special Features: Deleted scenes, interviews, documentaries, a commentary and a booklet make this a Criterion Collection release good one.