Recycled glass can work well as landscape "rock" for your potted cactus.

Even though they love the heat, cactuses can’t go all summer without some love.

Cacti have a finite space where they can go for their water and nutrients. In the desert’s summer heat, these life-giving elements need to be replaced regularly. Follow these few tips, and your cactuses in full sun will thrive during the summer:

• Be sure the base of the plant is not buried in soil. If need be, remove some soil away from the base so the top roots are exposed.

• Add some landscape rock to the top of the soil around the plant stem(s).

• Water the cactus deeply every two weeks. Use the shower setting on your hose nozzle or a watering can with a shower nozzle.

• Water the entire area of the soil. It is fine to get the plant wet.

• An average of 30 seconds is usually enough water for a 20-to-24-inch pot. Larger pots need more water. Water should drain out from the drainage holes.

• Use the jet setting on your hose nozzle to blast water on all plant surfaces. This is a great way to prevent and treat pests and disease. Be sure you are doing this in the morning so the plant has plenty of time to dry during the day.

• Use a water-soluble fertilizer monthly to help replenish nutrients.

Marylee is the Desert’s Potted Garden Expert. Email her with comments and questions at