Alice Lowe and Steve Oram in Sightseers.

This movie caught me completely off-guard, thanks to a deranged surprise. Therefore, I’m not going to write anything in this review that will give away the twist.

This is a funny, dark and twisted road comedy that boasts Edgar Wright (director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz) as one of its executive producers. Steve Oram and Alice Lowe star as Chris and Tina, a couple going on their first holiday together. They pack up an RV, much to the chagrin of Alice’s mom, and head out on a tour of England.

What follows? You’ll have to watch. Oram and Lowe are excellent, giving us the two best RV-trip characters since Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty in Lost in America.

This is a deranged delight that’s well worth your time. 

Sightseers is available via IFC On Demand.