Anna Kendrick in Rapture-Palooza.

I was on an apocalypse-comedy high after seeing Seth Rogen’s funny This Is the End, so when I saw another end-of-times laugher on iTunes—which, like This Is the End, co-stars Craig Robinson—I bit.

With Rapture-Palooza, I got a mouthful of worms.

Anna Kendrick co-stars as Lindsey, a non-believer left behind after the rapture with her boyfriend, Ben (John Francis Daley). They live in Seattle, where the Antichrist (Robinson) has decided to settle and await his showdown with Jesus.

There are some sporadic laughs, but nothing consistent. Rob Corddry, who really can’t be unfunny, gets a few giggles as Ben’s dad. (A bit in which he keeps hitting his son on the head is slightly humorous.) Robinson riffs a bit, and he’s always good for a chortle or two.

However, most of the humor is stale, poorly timed and weak. I, for one, am tired of Ken Jeong’s shtick, and he shows up in a pivotal role during the finale.

This is an apocalypse movie in which way too much time is spent on a date with the Antichrist—and that date stops the movie in its tracks.

There’s need to see this one. Move along folks … move along.

Rapture-Palooza is available on demand and online.