I have read some reviews stating that the CGI monster in Mama—out today (Tuesday, May 7) on home video—isn’t effective. I politely disagree; the ghost in this thing is scary as all heck. She truly is a memorable monster.

The ghost in question is a strange, protective apparition who looks over a couple of young girls (Megan Charpentier and Isabelle Nélisse) after a tragedy in the woods. Jessica Chastain stars as the girlfriend of the girls’ uncle, who finds herself having to take on parenting when she would rather be playing lousy music in her stupid band.

The movie isn’t great, but it does pack in a couple of good scares while maintaining a decent eerie quality for part of its running time. Having Chastain on hand elevates it beyond below-average horror. Guillermo del Toro produced this, with Andrés Muschietti directing.

My biggest gripe: Why make this a PG-13 film? Good horror movies need to be R-rated. When you see that a horror film is R-rated, you are scared already. PG-13 … well, that just means you are in for something that will pull punches.

Special Features: You get the original short that inspired the film, a director’s commentary, a look at the visual effects and some deleted scenes.