Proof that pots can make the patio.

Do you go out on your patio as much as you would like? Our patios often get cluttered with stuff. Clear it all away, and add several large pots with various types of plants to breathe some life into your sitting area.

The living plants will beckon you out to spend time with them, as well as your morning coffee and your afternoon cocktail. Your visitors will want to sit outside (before it gets too hot!) and will help encourage you to venture out.

These three pots illustrate different types of plants you might add to your patio: a tree under-planted with beautiful color; a succulent with low demands for water; and a beautiful Boston fern.

This patio is east-facing, so it only receives morning sun. The Boston fern is actually hiding behind a post so it does not receive direct sun—which is a good thing, as direct sun would burn it. Be crafty, and place things so they get the right amount of sun or shade.

If you have questions, email me, and I will be glad to help you out!

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