Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur fantasy is still one of the best adventure films ever made, but the new 3-D retrofit winds up muting the presentation rather than expanding it. 

While James Cameron’s Titanic looked and felt like it was meant to be shot in 3-D, the presentation here feels forced. The color is diminished, and the scope seems “squished.” It’s not awful, and I have seen worse 3-D, but it fails to enhance the film all that much.

Theaters are also offering the movie in its original 2-D presentation, and I would recommend revisiting it in that format. The combination of practical and computer effects to create the dinosaurs has easily stood the test of time; the effects continue to look amazing.

While watching the 3-D version, I noticed that Jeff Goldblum sticks his tongue out a lot when he speaks. It’s creepy.

Jurassic Park is playing in regular and 3-D formats across the valley, and in IMAX 3-D at the UltraStar Desert IMAX Theatre, 68510 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Cathedral City, 760-324-7333.