Last week, we discussed “Stupid Little Pots.” The photos shown here are terrific examples of how quality small pots can be used in the desert’s heat to add to the art and decor of our homes.

The photo above is an entry to a home where there is not much space to the right of the front door. Without this custom, functional metal-arts sculpture, the wall would be barren or have items blocking the entry way.

This homeowner loves to collect unique handcrafted pots and succulents. Since the wall does not get any sun, the plants do nicely here in spite of the summer heat. Watered weekly in the summer and monthly in the winter, these plants are low-care, inspired beauty!

The photo to the right demonstrates using a side area of a barbecue for a living display. Just outside of the kitchen bay window, this collection provides a nice respite inside and out.

These pots do get some morning sun, especially those on the right side of the counter. Plants should be placed according to how much sun they can tolerate.

You can have fun with your small pots—especially those that are works of art in and of themselves.

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