Skirted Vinca can thrive all summer.

The desert is really heating up this week! However, night-time temperatures are staying true to form, at 30 degrees less than the daytime highs.

This is a fine time to plant your summer flowers, if you have not done so already. However, it looks like next week’s temps will be back down into the 80s, so if you can wait until then, you will give your flowers a better start by going in a little cooler.

Pictured above is a simple combination of convolvulus and Vinca “Pacifica.” The grass poking up from the back of the pot is actually butterfly iris, which may burn out in the summer in the Coachella Valley.

Dave’s Garden is a great site to check out plant varieties from the comfort of your own home.

This pot needs regular water, but both plants are low-water varieties, so once established, if grown in a 22-inch-or-larger pot, they will not need more than a deep watering once a day; that may even be stretched to once every two days. Please note that I said once established.

I certainly love the color and tropical effect of flowers all year long. But if you want to think about adding some pots with cacti or succulents, try something like an artichoke agave, shown below.

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