Mmm. Thai goodness!

What: Yum nua (Thai beef salad)

Where: Thai Kitchen, 67555 E Palm Canyon Drive, No. A105, Cathedral City

How much: $9.95

Contact info: 321-8424

Why: Because it provides a nice combination of flavors, textures and temperatures—with just the right amount of kick!

I’ve been pretty narrow-minded about Thai food in the past; pad Thai and fried rice have been my normal go-to dishes when dining at Thairestaurants.

Recently, I’ve been trying to manage my weight and make better choices about what I eat—andI figured that Thai restaurants would be off my list entirely.However, my best friend suggested that I try a Thai beef salad, and I’ve become quite attached to them.

On a recent visit to Thai Kitchenin Cathedral City, Iordered the Thai beef salad you see pictured above.It was not a huge portion, but it wasquite enough for lunch. It’s a wonderful combination of warm grilled beef and onions, combined with the cool lettuce and tomatoes, all wrapped up in a spicy, vinegar-basedThai dressing.

There are a veritable ton of Thai joints in the valley—but if you’re looking for a tasty Thai beef salad, stop in at Thai Kitchen on your next jaunt down Highway 111.