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Savage Love

06 Dec 2017
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Editor’s note: Before we get on with the column here, two things: 1. I’d like to welcome Dan Savage and his well-known and much-loved column, Savage Love, to the pages of Welcome, Dan! 2. Readers: For those of you unfamiliar with Savage Love … consider this a warning. This is a sex- and relationship-advice column. It’s a popular column, one that’s been in papers across the continent for more than 25 years now. However … this column is not tame. It is NSFW—not safe for work—and, at times, it is rather graphic. So … if you are offended by sexually graphic content, do not read this. Really. Don’t. I’m not kidding. Also, Dan is quite the social liberal, so if you don’t like liberal politics, you may want to read something else instead. But if you can handle graphic sexual content and liberal politics, then by all means, read…