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Potted Desert Garden

12 Feb 2013
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You will want to finish pruning your roses before this coming weekend so that they can rest for a couple of weeks before our early spring tells them to start growing! Follow these steps for a healthy spring bloom. The same instructions apply for all hybrid tea and floribunda roses. Use bypass pruners that work similar to scissors. Anvil-type pruners will crush your rose stems. Remove the top third to two-thirds of the rose bush. Remove any dead canes and small twiggy growth. Remove any canes that are crossing through the middle of the bush or rubbing against other canes. Make your cuts about quarter-inch above a bud eye that is facing out from the center of the bush. (See the diagram to the right.) Strip all leaves from the canes. Clean Up: Remove all the old mulch and dead leaves, and throw them in the trash, not your compost…

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