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A "no brainer," indeed. If sport hunters were the true conservationists they claim to be, then they would be leading this effort. Ideally, there should be a nationwide ban on the use of ALL lead for hunting and fishing alike. Many waterfowl suffer and die from ingesting lost fishing weights.

The committee analysis for AB 711 makes for interesting reading. See also the list of supporters (about 100 organizations and "numerous individuals"; and the list of opposition (eight organizations, all with vested interest in the status quo, and "several individuals"). The bill may be found at

AB 711 now goes to the full Assembly floor. If successful there, as expected, then probably to the Senate Natural Resources Committee chaired by Senator Fran Pavley.


Eric Mills, coordinator

And a P.S. - As for the Fish & Game Commission, commissioner Richard Rogers' term expired MORE THAN TWO YEARS AGO, yet there he sits. There's been a vacancy on this five-member commission for far too long. Gov. Jerry Brown needs to hear from us. Would be nice to have a biologist, maybe a former game warden or a non-consumptive user on the commission for a change. In 140 years all commissioners have been either hunters or fishers, or both. And only TWO women in all that time. We can do better. THE GOVERNOR AND ALL LEGISLATORS MAY BE WRITTEN C/O THE STATE CAPITOL, SACRAMENTO, CA 95814.