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This article is such a piece of fiction, and so full of errors, I get tired just thinking about writing my reply. I shall return with the true facts when I'm in the mood to debunk the propaganda.

Until then, please keep in mind that millions of private cattle and sheep, enjoy subsidized Welfare Grazing at taxpayers' expense on our public range land, and that the private livestock outnumber our Wild Horses by 50 to 1, and the private livestock costs us hundreds of millions of dollars per year, whilst our Wild Horses cost us very little if left on our public range lands where they belong.

Thousands of Wild Horses vs. Millions of private cattle and sheep on our range, but you falsely accuse the Wild Horses of being "overpopulated" and "damaging the range." Ridiculous!. It's time to stop the Welfare Grazing of private livestock on our public range!