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WOW ... talk about making it up as you go along. The pro-slaughter groups always say how the wild horses and burros are tearing up the land, but what about all the cattle that roam those same lands, don't they destroy it even more? Selling these animals to slaughter isn't going to fix the problem, it's just going to add to the problem because 80% of Americans don't want the horses and burros slaughtered, even though the BLM has been selling hundreds of mustangs to slaughter for many years. You seem like you have a sliver of love for the horse so why can't you intelligent people really come up with a better solution to control the herds that you insist are to large? It's not that the birth control option isn't a good one but it only last 2 years and then you have to do it all over again ... if you have time to run them to death to corral them then why can't you take the time to dart the mares every two years, without running them into a pen,? it would be time better spent and way less inhumane and less costly over time. All I have to say is quit listening to the Cattle Ranchers and the pro-slaughter fools and listen to American's hearts and save our wild horses and burros.