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Wow where are YOU getting your numbers from? When the WFRHBA was passed in 1971 the horses were allotted some 52 MILLION acres. Now it's just over 28 MILLION I believe. I know BLM has cut about 1/2 of the acres given the horses.

The Act was passed 40 years ago and since then it has been twisted upside down and inside out so no one can enforce anything.

BLM in 2009 said that wild horses reproduce at 20% annually and double every four years. Now they are stating 23%.

I wonder how these horses kep reproducing at such astounding rates when BLM keeps rounding up THOUSANDS more every year.

Let me give you an example. From 2003 to 2007 the Pryor Mustangs herd growth rate was stable at zero. The reason? Mountain lions. When BLM management put out more bounties on the cats they were wiped out on the Pryors. The result? Herd growth grew resulting in roundups. They had a perfectly reasonable management practice in place but because MAN wasn't in charge it was deemed not good enough.

Cattle outnumber wild horses 50-1 in most areas. Numerous HMA's have been zeroed out to make room for cattle.

One of the main differences between a wild horse and a feral horse is this. Wild horses have FEDERAL protection. If a horse is found on tribal lands or private property it becomes feral WITHOUT those same protections.

You need to do more UNBIASED research on this before reporting again. I recommend RTFitch or Wildhorseeducation for starters. Laura has been to more roundups in the past 2 1/2 yrs than anyone. She sees things that would make you question everything you just wrote.

So who paid you for this drivel? Ranchers? Wouldn't surprise me!