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Like the author of this piece, I like to honor those who have gone before, and much like with the twenty-something gays who don't appreciate the history of the struggle that came before them, there's something missing from this discussion. Other than the Kardashian association, my reservation with all the accolades going to Caitlyn Jenner is that tennis player Renee Richards and others like her are almost forgotten in the hubbub. Granted, Ms. Jenner mentioned Renee Richards and a few others in passing in her speech, but Ms. Richards deserves more. Renee Richards was navigating much more hostile waters and facing the damning contempt of most of the country for her public transition back in the 1970s when Bruce Jenner was basking in Olympic glory. Ms. Richards was facing scorn, ridicule and threats without the support of the mainstream media and a high-profile celebrity family -- not to mention the financial resources -- that Ms. Jenner enjoys today. Props to Caitlyn for her undeniable courage in making a very public transition and for raising the visibility of transgender issues, but if we're going to be giving awards for courage like it's some sort of competitive sport, Renee Richards is higher on my list than Caitlyn Jenner. Unfortunately, the way of the world is that the now 80 year-old Ms. Richards is not going to earn as many eyeballs for ESPN as Ms. Jenner.