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04 Jul 2013
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On this week's extra-patriotic Independent comics page: Jen Sorenson takes a look at natural gas; Red Meat loses its hair-trimming gear; The City looks at modern-day American freedom; and in the finale of Roland and Cid, the boys say goodbye.

27 Jun 2013
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On this week's intriguingly topical Independent comics page, Paula Deen discusses the n-word with Roland and Cid; The City warns of the dangers of fetal masturbation; Red Meat goes hunting; and Jen Sorenson wonders why some politicians are flip-floppers on the issue of pain.

20 Jun 2013
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On this week's life-birthing Independent comics page: The City dodges a spurned barber; Red Meat shares a summer feast; Roland and Cid celebrate Kim and Kanye's spawn; and Jen Sorenson checks her Spookmail.

13 Jun 2013
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On this week's extra girthy Independent comics page: Red Meat deals with a deceased cat; Roland and Cid enjoy some free samples; The City goes back in time to look at government surveillance; a bonus version of The City compares gun control (or the lack thereof) with the growing police state; and Jen Sorenson looks at options beyond student loans.

06 Jun 2013
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This week on the Independent comics page, Jen Sorenson checks in with some big babies; Roland and Cid interview Martin Scorsese regarding the IRS; The City celebrates the beginning of summer; and Red Meat blends up a particularly disgusting smoothie.