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Mexican is a nationality, not a race. I grew up in California with a California Chumash Native Father who also had Californio settler father, My mother was Mexican American. My mother thinks she is white, but my dad claims mostly his Chumash indian heritage, I claim all my indigenous ancestry from California and Mexico.y father is Mtdna C2, which is Native American, which did not come from his tribe, which the Chumash Indians have Haplogroup D4h3a, A2, and D1, his Maternally inherited haplogroup is C2, and probably came from Northern Mexico from the Yaqui, Apache, or the Pima Indians. I'm very proud. Though I must say that my great grandmother when young , was sent as a young Chumash girl to the Sherman Institute indian school, after 3 years ran away from it and never when back. She ALWAYS denied she Native Amrrican, She specifically claim she was of Castillian high birth . Native Americans in California were treated very harshly by first the Spaniards , the Mexicans and then the Gringos. I would rather deny any white taint to my blood.